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Record Breaking

Admission applications reach all-time high

Before setting foot inside a UVA classroom, the Class of 2016 posted impressive numbers as part of a record-setting applicant pool. This year, the UVA Office of Undergraduate Admission saw total applications jump by 18 percent compared with last year. In mid-January, 3,187 of the 11,753 students who applied by Nov. 1 via the University’s nonbinding early-action program were accepted, while another 3,150 had their applications deferred to the standard admissions cycle.

Meanwhile, a number of elite schools, including Harvard and Princeton, saw a decrease in applications.

Dean of Admission Gregory Roberts attributes the jump in UVA applications to strong recruitment efforts and the early-action program.

UVA’s early-action program replaced the school’s early-decision program, which was eliminated in 2006. Unlike the former program, the early-action program allows students a nonbinding early application opportunity, and time to compare financial aid packages from competing universities.

Roberts emphasizes that early applicants have the same chance of being accepted as those in the regular cycle. Approximately 41 percent of the total applicant pool applied early and that group received about 41 percent of the total admission offers, he says.

Jane Haley

Getting In

28,239 Total applicants
3,360 First-year target enrollment for Class of 2016

18,046 Total applicants
3,248 First-year enrollment for Class of 2011