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Addressing Weapons

University tightens gun prohibition

After Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (Engr ’91) ruled that state college policies against weapons on campus were not legally enforceable, the UVA Board of Visitors voted unanimously to upgrade its policy to a “regulation.” That small technical change effectively prohibits weapons, fireworks and explosives, and bars students with concealed carry permits from exercising that right on Grounds.

The University’s regulation distinguishes between visitors and the UVA community. The former group is formally prohibited from carrying weapons into University buildings. However, the latter is banned from bringing weapons onto “University property,” which encompasses the Grounds, whether inside a building or outside. After being published in the state administrative code, the new regulation went into effect Dec. 5.

While the University’s new regulation sparked some controversy among firearm owners and state legislators, it was not altered by the 2011-12 Virginia General Assembly.