McIntire School of Commerce class

Since rankings for undergraduate business programs began six years ago, the McIntire School of Commerce has been ensconced in first or second place. Until now, it has maintained its competitive edge without recourse to a common practice at other business schools—charging extra tuition.

In February, the Board of Visitors approved a plan to assess an additional $3,000 in tuition for the academic year for third-years entering the program in fall 2011. This revenue is critical to supporting and enhancing the school’s position as a global leader in business education, according to Dean Carl Zeithaml. The additional funds will be invested in a range of programs and activities, from student advisory services to technology support, and will increase course offerings in critical disciplines such as leadership and entrepreneurship, plus global partnerships and study-abroad opportunities. The additional funds will also help “to recruit and retain the world-class faculty and staff who are the long-term foundation of our vibrant student experience,” says Zeithaml.

The 2011 Bloomberg BusinessWeek rankings gave the Commerce School “A-plus” for teaching quality, facilities, services and job placement and rated it the premier MBA feeder school. It remains the top-rated program among public institutions and second in the nation.