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Sharing Connections

Alumni Interest Groups keep graduates involved

Kenneth Liu and Rodney Davis had similar interests—both wanted to strengthen their connection to the University after graduating. They found similar solutions among the Alumni Interest Groups offered through the UVA Alumni Association.

“Becoming involved with an AIG of the University has greatly enhanced my postgraduation experience,” says Davis (Col ’83). “I learned about the Serpentine Society at the LGBT Pride Festival in Washington, D.C., and attended a few local Serpentine Society events.” Now he is on the group’s board and has been instrumental in helping create scholarships and enhance the student experience.

Liu (Col ’93) had lost touch with the University after graduating. “When I was approached to serve on the council of the Asian and Asian Pacific American Alumni Network years later, I thought it would be a great opportunity to reconnect with the school. Now, as chair of AAPAAN, in a small way I have a chance to relive those good old Wahoo days.”

AAPAAN and the Serpentine Society are just two of the 40-plus AIGs available to alumni. Here’s a look at some of the groups:

    Asian and Asian Pacific American alumni providing a social and career network as well as a fundraising vehicle for APA alumni and current students
    Ken Liu, AAPAAN chair,
  • Bolivar Network
    Alumni dedicated to reaching out to and advocating for all affinity alumni, students and friends of the University’s Latino community
    Nataki Corneille, director of AIGs,
  • Cavalier Daily Alumni Association
    Past and present editors and staff members of the Cavalier Daily and College Topics seeking to provide support to the current student newspaper
    Thomas Madrecki, CDAA chair,
  • Madison House Alumni
    Alumni seeking to support and strengthen the tradition of service at Madison House by building a network that focuses on education, fundraising and social connections
    Melissa Leecy, director of development and alumni relations,
  • Raven Society
    Sponsors scholarships and fellowships in recognition of academic and scholarly excellence. Named after Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven,” it is the oldest honorary society at UVA.
    Ashley Cullop, Raven Society Alumni chair,
  • Ridley
    A scholarship fund to ensure that African-American students of the highest caliber attend UVA; named after the first African-American graduate, Dr. Walter N. Ridley
    Danielle Purfey, Ridley Regional Committee chair,
    or Sharon Ann Miller McMillan, Ridley chair,
  • Serpentine Society
    Dedicated to reaching out to and advocating for all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender UVA alumni, faculty and students
    Serpentine Board of Directors,
  • Virginia Glee Club Alumni and Friends
    Enables the club to thrive and pursue its goals of musical excellence and student fellowship as well as to establish itself as a pre-eminent collegiate men’s chorus
    Scott Barker, Va. Glee Club Alumni and Friends Association chair,
  • Virginia Women's Chorus Alumni
    Supports the chorus in its pursuit of musical excellence, attaining greater prominence in the community and promoting networking among alumni and friends
    Claudia Fletcher, VWC chair,