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Going Out on Top

A quick look at some of the class of 2018’s student leaders

Dan Addison

Student Council President: SARAH KENNY (Col ’18)

The Vienna, Virginia, native won in a landslide election in February and oversees 10 committees, including athletic affairs, community engagement, diversity engagement and sustainability. “I think in our Bicentennial year this is a chance to redefine commitment to producing citizen leaders who feel a responsibility to their communities, far and wide,” Kenny says. After UVA, Kenny hopes to work on political campaigns in Washington, D.C., and then attend the London School of Economics. “I’m really interested in gender and policy—that’s the kind of route I see myself going down,” she says.

Steve Hedberg

Honor Committee Chair: DEVIN ROSSIN (Col ’18)

After the death of Hannah Graham (Col ’17), the infamous article in Rolling Stone, and the incident involving ABC agents and Martese Johnson (Col ’16), himself a member of the Honor Committee—all within his first year—Rossin says he came to view honor in a different way. “I wondered, ‘Why does it matter that I refrain from lying, cheating or stealing if these larger moral quandaries pop up?’” the political and social thought honors major from Virginia Beach says. “My hope and goal is that Honor becomes something that students associate with something larger…just being a good person through and through.”

Dan Addison

Chair of University Judiciary Committee: PETER BAUTZ (Law ’18)

After receiving a degree in history and political science from Grinnell College in Iowa, the Kansas native came to UVA’s School of Law on a merit scholarship. “It’s been very different,” Bautz says of life in Charlottesville, “but that’s one of the reasons I wanted to come out here—I knew I might end up practicing law on the East Coast.” Bautz recently accepted a job at Hogan Lovells’ New York office, where he’s leaning toward focusing on litigation.

Richard Dizon

Cavalier Daily Editor-in-Chief: MICHAEL REINGOLD (Col ’18)

The Herndon, Virginia, native didn’t come to UVA with the intention of getting involved in journalism. Three-plus years later, he’s putting in 40- to 50-hour work weeks and managing a 250-member staff. The government major spearheaded coverage of last August’s events in which white nationalists descended on Charlottesville. “The weight of that day is still on us,” he says. “Those two days were the most intense I’ve had as editor-in-chief.”

Dan Addison

Co-chair of Housing & Residence Life Program: TYLER AMBROSE (Col ’18)

The Ridley Scholar from Roanoke says he halfheartedly applied to be a resident adviser as a second-year. “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be responsible for the well-being of 22 guys, but I quickly found that the experience was really meaningful,” Ambrose says. “Some of my closest friendships are derived from my time on residence staff.” Ambrose, also an Echols Scholar in UVA’s Politics Honors Program, is considering law school after graduation.

Dan Addison

Co-chair of Housing & Residence Life Program: JOSHUA JASPERS (Col ’18)

Jaspers, a government major from Warwick, Rhode Island, says he would have left UVA after his first year if not for his resident adviser, Osama Saleem (Com ’17). “I was pretty far from home, and he was able to seamlessly welcome me into the UVA community,” Jaspers says. “He made UVA not just a school, but a home for me.” Jaspers decided to give back and has been a part of the Housing & Residence Life program ever since. He hopes to pursue a career in health care after graduation.