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In Memoriam | Winter 2021

In Memoriam: 1980s

Notices sorted by graduation date

Dave “Lombo” Lombardo (Med ’81 CM) of Jacksonville, Florida, died May 25, 2021. After graduating from Amherst College, where he played soccer and basketball, he graduated from UVA’s medical school and trained in radiology at Harvard and Duke universities. He practiced medicine for many years in Jacksonville before retiring for medical reasons. He made the very best of the following years by traveling widely, hitting the golf links, becoming proficient in Italian, furthering his trumpet skills, attending jazz clubs, listening to opera and drinking the very best red wines. He became Jacksonville’s “most interesting man.” Although he was an accomplished athlete, student and physician, he was always humble. He was smart but never over-competitive academically. He always showed an interest in what his friends were doing and encouraged their pursuits. He had a dry yet profoundly witty sense of humor. After graduation from UVA, he kept up with his medical school classmates and enjoyed attending reunions donning the most outlandish sports coats. Dr. Lombardo was an outstanding physician, great friend, loving husband and supportive father. Survivors include his wife, Carol, and two children.

James Stephen Peters (Arch ’84) of Williamsburg, Virginia, died April 26, 2021. A gifted pitcher, he began college as an athlete at East Carolina University but eventually graduated from the College of William & Mary, where he met his future wife and immersed himself in the fine arts. He was always doing something interesting. For several summers, he worked blowing glass at Jamestown Island, and on a hiatus from his studies, he spent more than a year in Japan, teaching English to Japanese businessmen, traveling and exploring the culture. In his career as a landscape architect, he worked for Planning & Design Collaborative in Richmond, Virginia, and later for AES Consulting Engineers in Williamsburg. He poured his creativity, focus and keen problem-solving skills into his work and enjoyed collaborating with clients and colleagues to make projects reach their full potential. His backyard, a space that grew more magnificent year by year, was a testament to his ability to make the world a more glorious place one small gesture at a time. Mr. Peters created beautiful paintings and pastels and enjoyed music, fishing, playing the harmonica and body surfing. He was known for his kindness, curiosity, creativity, and ability to catalog and retrieve perfectly timed jokes. Despite health challenges in later years because of a rare genetic disease, his belief in the power of beauty and art to sustain and soothe endured through every trial. Survivors include his wife, Michele; three children; three grandchildren; and a brother and sister.

Harry Shulman (Law ’85) of San Francisco died June 21, 2021. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1980 and after two years of travel and adventure enrolled at UVA’s law school. He practiced law in Colorado, for Holland & Hart, and in San Francisco. While living in Aspen, he had a near-fatal motorcycle accident, but he overcame the odds and never allowed the ensuing physical limitations to define him. In 1999 he met his wife, Annie, and they married the following year in Aspen. Harry moved to San Francisco to join Annie and was soon surrounded by many new friends. Mr. Shulman was always ready for a good time and to be there for his friends and family. He loved riding his bike in the hills of Marin and Sonoma, and when his heart no longer allowed him to pedal hard, his e-bike was his most treasured possession. His love for the underdog led him to focus his career on class actions for underrepresented communities. Survivors include his wife and two children.

Harry Bondareff (Com ’86 CM) of Portland, Oregon, died May 12, 2021. Raised in Alexandria, Virginia, he graduated from St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School, where he played three varsity sports, was class president and received the St. Stephen’s Medal. After graduating from UVA, he earned a master’s degree in environmental studies at the University of Oregon. An innovative businessman and entrepreneur, he spent his career focused on sustainability and work that bettered the environment. Mr. Bondareff loved hiking, climbing mountains, rock climbing, camping and international travel. Survivors include his wife, Kerry Rae Connolly; three sisters, including Lisa Bondareff Kemler (Col ’80); a brother; and his father.