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In Memoriam | Fall 2020

In Memoriam: 1940s

Notices sorted by graduation date

Gregory G. Garland Jr. (Col ’47) of Richmond, Virginia, died May 29, 2020. He attended Virginia Military Institute and served in the U.S. Navy in World War II. After graduating from UVA, where he was a member of St. Anthony Hall, he graduated from Duquesne University Law School, and Harvard Business School’s extraordinary class of 1949. He moved to Pittsburgh in 1949 with only 25 cents and a Gulf Oil card in his pocket and was a founding partner in McCann, Garland, Ridall and Burke. Mr. Garland founded Unionvale Coal Co.; was chairman of the P&LE Railroad, Ranger Investments, and Greenville Metals; and owner of Youngstown Steel Tank. He published three books, including Escape from Iran. He had a wonderful sense of humor, loved cars and traveling, and considered family his greatest achievement in life. He was one of the youngest members of the Greatest Generation and was one of the oldest of the millennial generation, with an avid passion for new technology. Survivors include daughters Gerry and Gayle; and two grandchildren.

Winfrey T. “Win” Wade (Col ’48, Law ’51) of Richmond, Virginia, died Jan. 14, 2020. He served in the Virginia Army National Guard and, later, in the U.S. Army Reserve as a captain in the Judge Advocate Generals Corps. At UVA, he joined the track team and the chess club. He once lived at 7 West Range. Within a year of graduation, he began practicing law in Richmond and married Mary Lamont, who died in their 49th year of marriage, and who was the mother of his children. He was partner of two firms before finishing his career in partnership with his daughter at the firm Wade and Wade. Mr. Wade concentrated his practice in the fields of real estate and bankruptcy law. He was a big fan of Wahoo sports and enjoyed leading his family on hikes up Old Rag Mountain. Survivors include his wife, Martha; children Suzanne and Lamont F. Wade (Arch ’76); five grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.